Lisa Lovatt-Smith

Lisa Lovatt-Smith was only 18 when she began a career at Vogue magazine that took her to such glamorous locations as London, Milan, Madrid and Paris. Lisa has published five books on interiors, including London Living, the first in the new Living series, and Paris Interiors, Moroccan Interiors and Proven├žal Interiors. She has also published two books on fashion photography, and has curated various exhibitions in the fields of design and photography. In 2002, after a trip to Ghana, her life took a dramatic turn. After volunteering at an orphanage in the country, she was so moved by the experience of living with the orphans that decided to help in a more sustained and substantial way, leaving her glamorous lifestyle, and moving permanently to Africa where she founded the NGO Orphanage Africa (today OrphanAid Africa).

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