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Clarifying and Resurfacing Duo

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This skincare set includes two of our best-sellers, the Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads and Rejuvafirm CBD Facial Oil. Used together, these products provide gentle daily exfoliation as well as reduced inflammation, reduced signs of aging, and a radiant glow.

With AHA and BHA multi-fruit extracts, our Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads gently exfoliate dead skin cells and enhance skin by promoting new cell turnover; giving your skin a healthy glow.

Our Rejuvafirm CBD Facial Oil harnesses the power of CBD and combines it with powerful anti-aging and anti-inflammatory actives to detoxify the skin, reduce inflammation, address sun damage, and reverse signs of aging. . After one month, individuals saw an increase of elasticity by 20%, increase of firmness by 25%, decrease in wrinkle depth by 80%.

or 4 installments of $49.50 (Only one time purchase) by Afterpay Learn More

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How To Apply

For The Best Results

Key Benefits:

Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads:

  • Treat acne, dark spots, and signs of aging
  • Multi-Fruit Acids and BHA/AHA instantly refine pores and smooth skin texture
  • Fades dark spots over time
  • Osilift immediately firms and lifts the skin – proven to fade fine lines and crow’s feet in just 2 weeks.

Radical Rejuvafirm Facial Oil:

  • The lightweight, non-greasy facial oil reduces inflammation immediately with Full-Sprectrum CBD Oil
  • Juvenessence increases cell-turnover, fades fine lines and improves skin firmness and elasticity
  • Clinical studies saw a reduction of facial wrinkles by 80% in just one month.

How to Apply:
Simply swipe one Exfoliating Pad over your clean, dry face, neck & décolletage every evening. For daily use, in the PM only.

Follow immediately with the Rejuvafirm CBD Facial Oil by applying 1-2 drops to the skin and gently massaging with your fingertips until fully absorbed. For daily use, in the AM and PM.

Age Defying Exfoliating Pads
Radical Rejuvafirm Beauty Facial Oil

The Benefits

Our Radical Promise

Helps to:

Exfoliating Pads:

  • Reduce coarse crow’s feet in 2 weeks
  • Removes dead skin cells for a brighter complexion
  • Reduce pore size and even skin tone while significantly improving skin firmness, texture and elasticity
  • Prepares the skin for better product absorption
  • Skin felt softer, smoother and more youthful.

Rejuvafirm Oil:

  • Delivers hydration
  • Detoxifies skin
  • Addresses sun damage
  • Reverses signs of aging
  • Increases skin firmness and elasticity
  • Calms irritated skin
  • Reduces inflammation and redness
  • Soothes skin
Radical Rejuvafirm Beauty Facial Oil

Radical Selfcare

Radical Selfcare

Inspired Beauty

There is nothing more rejuvenating than surrounding yourself with an incredible group of mentors and friends who support your goals and aspirations. We feed off the energy of those closest to us, and in return, we can be the beacon of love and light for the people who mean the most to us. Surround yourself with positivity, love, and support and your spirit will be instantly rejuvenated!


High Performance Active Ingredients

Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads:


  • 4.35 oz
  • 60 pads


  • Malakite Extract: A good source of copper + 1 to boost skin’s natural defenses and detoxify
  • Chamomile Extract: Provides Bisabolol to soothe and calm skin
  • Glycolic Acid and Multi Fruit Acids: Provides gentle yet deep exfoliation
  • Multi-fruit Acids (Sugar Cane, Sugar Maple, Orange Fruit and Lemon): Alpha, Beta and Polyhydroxy acids are exfoliating
  • Salicylic Acid: Provides smoothing Beta Hydroxy Acid
  • Oat Kernel Extract: The sugar based film-former tightens skin
  • Osilift: Tones the skin, makes it firmer, soothes the skin’s micro relief and reduces wrinkles and lines
  • Witch Hazel: Works as a mild astringent to clean excess residual on the skin and helps to keep the skin’s surface clean

No animal testing.

Radical Rejuvafirm CBD Facial Oil:

A professional grade non-psychoactive formulation harnessing the unique powers of the wonder ingredient CBD.

Attributes: 1.01 fl oz, 30ml

  • Cannabis Sativa Seed (CBD) Oil: Has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, is cell-regenerative,  anti-cell proliferative and addresses sun damage.
    Our ingenious technique grasps the nutrient rich hemp plant at its peak stage of nourishment and infuses it into our formula for maximum potency. Rich in moisturizing fatty acids (Omegas 3 and 6) that protect and repair the skin, CBD oil also contains bioactive phytochemicals including antioxidants, Vitamin E, Carotene, Phytosterols, chlorophyll, and vital minerals which act as a nutrient rich “superfood” blend for the skin.
  • Juvenessence® AD Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride & Alaria Esulena: Is strategically sourced from the Arctic winged kelp Alaria esculenta found deep within the waters of Europe and Canada. Due to its ability to live and flourish in extreme climate conditions, its beneficial properties for skin are numerous: Anti-aging; Detoxifying; Antipollution; Photo aging protection; down regulates Progerin (the age accelerating protein)production in aging cells; Preserves the skin tissues from accelerated aging; Reactivates the metabolism of aging cells by stimulating cell detoxification and boosts mitochondrial and ribosomal activity leading to significant increases in skin firmness and elasticity by preserving tissue integrity against compression. After one month, people saw an increase of elasticity by +20%, increase of firmness by +25%, decrease in wrinkle depth by 80%.
  • Seabuckthorn Oil: It is a super fruit delivering nourishment for the skin and containing a wide variety and a large amount of nutrients, including; Rare Omega -7, Omega-3 – Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA), Omega 6 – Linoleic Acid (LA), Omega 9 (Oleic Acid), Vitamin E, Alpha-Tocopherol, and Beta-Carotene.
  • Brassica Campestris (Rapeseed) Seed Oil & Linum Usitatissimum (Linseed) Seed Oil: Is another special nourishing blend for the skin with a very high content of omega-3 fatty acids and perfect balance of omega-6 fatty acids.
  • Argan Oil: Is well documented for its moisturizing and skin nourishing abilities including its’ naturally occurring Vitamin E and antioxidant content. The oil is also rich in Oleic (C18:1) and Linoleic (C18:2) essential fatty acids.
  • Grapeseed Oil: Is useful because the oil contains vitamins C, E, and D, alongside beta carotene from vitamin A plus palmitic and stearic acids, which occur in skin naturally and decrease with age.
  • Textrahexyldecyl Ascorbate: A stable form of Vitamin C which is shown to regenerate other antioxidants including Vitamin E and limits the damaging effects of free radicals.

No animal testing.

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