Chapter 1 – The Radical Yes

Radical Moments

The secret of stringing together a life of magical moments directly corresponds with the amount of times that we say ‘Yes.’

Three simple letters carry so much power and adventure. It is the word most likely to open up doors to a wealth of people and experiences that contribute to the rich tapestry that we look back on as ‘our life.’ Of course, ‘Yes’ is a word that can also yield incredible power and momentum in the wrong direction if it is not used with judgment. So, clearly I am not thinking of saying ‘Yes’ to things that we know intuitively will potentially destroy all that we intent on creating. Rather, ‘Yes’ to new experiences, people, places, hobbies, etc., instead of ‘No, I am too busy, I can’t, the kids, my husband,’ and reciting a string of obligations that get in the way.

You are embracing the freedom to say yes and knowing that the world will still be there when you return. Upon your return, you may do so with a renewed sense of richness, stories, energy and vitality to share. As I started looking back at my life and the crossroads that brought me joy and success and led to living a maximum potency lifestyle, I realized that there was always that powerful little word lurking in the shadows that made it happen. ‘Yes.’

At 25, I moved to Los Angeles, California. The move was not planned. I did not know anyone there, I didn’t have much money and had no guarantee of success. It all started because of a lunch I had with a successful female broker in Beverly Hills, named Cynthia. She and I were talking about our lives, our boyfriends, and all of the things that were causing us untold pain, along with our desire to be, do and have more. At the end of lunch she said, ‘Come on, move out to California. We are going to be best friends.’ And in fact, to this day, we are.

To most, including me, that sounded rather insane. My business was in Virginia, my family and friends were in Virginia, my home I had purchased was there, and I didn’t have a lot of money. But, I said ‘Yes’ and proceeded to call all of my friends and clients to inform them of my decision to move to LA before I changed my mind. I wanted to put enough pressure on myself so that I would stick to this decision and embrace this new adventure. It would be too easy to go home, get back into my routine, think of all the reasons why I shouldn’t take a risk or play it safe and succumb to the fears that seem to be more practical and legitimate than following a hunch, Radical intuition and a dream.

So there it was, that little ‘Yes,’ that totally changed my life. Within 2 weeks I moved to Beverly Hills, California with my clothes, my car, moved into a hotel and began a new life. Within 3 year I had built a successful business, I was on my way to managing a half of a billion dollars, I had traveled the world, and I would soon meet my husband. All of this became a reality because of a chance meeting, saying yes to a dream, and taking a risk. Recently, I was speaking to my Dad in Washington state. I asked him what he thought of the word “No.” He asked me how to spell it and what language I was speaking.

Then he said that he only understood one word. That word was ‘Yes.’ It is no surprise how I learned the Radical ‘Yes!’ Say the Radical yes to life.


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