How to Get a Fresh Start

How to Get a Fresh Start

There may come a time when you are being held back by toxic things that no longer serve your radical purpose. Starting over always requires a leap of faith, but with faith, you will land on your feet. Here are some tips on what you can do when you decide to get a fresh start. 

Don’t Ignore Your Regrets

Take a look back and recall things you regret. Write them into a journal so you can reflect and take note of how you can spin those regrets into learning experiences that can benefit you in your new, radical beginning.

Limit Your Worry

It can be hard to quell your anxiety or quiet the nagging voice in your head, especially when you’re exploring a new venture. Give yourself a dedicated time period to acknowledge your worries. Then take a moment to clear your head, and move forward with your day.

Get Abstract

If thinking about the future overwhelms you and causes stress, get abstract! Throwing specifics to the wayside and focusing on how you FEEL can reduce stress and help you clarify your goals. 

Be Mindful

Make your path as clear as possible. Write down your goals, create spoken manifestations and speak them into existence. 

Motivate Yourself

Harness all your stress, your creative energy, your hope, etc and use it to fuel your ambition. Once you truly believe you are unstoppable you’ll be on your way to your NEW radical purpose!

When was the last time you took a leap of faith and made an effort to get a fresh start?

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