Express Delivery Enzyme Peel 50mL

After just one application of the Express Delivery Enzyme Peel, you will see dead skin lift right before your very eyes. Reveal smooth, supple, polished skin in just minutes. This power packed formula contains 11 fruit enzymes which include papaya, pumpkin, pineapple, mango, lemon and antioxidants which deliver maximum exfoliation. Massage this gel in a circular motion to activate, liquefy, and then instantly lift the dead skin. Wash it off and feel your skin transform. Bring your skin back to life and Get Radical!

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Beautiful glow, for a healthier and more luminous complexion. Provides deep moisture to the skin. Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
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Cruelty Free

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Benefits of

  • Beautiful glow, for a healthier and more luminous complexion
  • Provides deep moisture to the skin
  • Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Step One

Apply a thin layer of the enzyme peel to clean and dry skin, then begin a circular rubbing motion.

Step Two

See the dead skin lift off.

Step Three

Do this for 3-4 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

Step Four

Avoid eye area.

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Behind The

Featured Ingredients

Sodium Hyaluronate is the key water-maintaining substance in human skin. A bad living environment and aging can cause a decrease in HA content in the skin, and as a result, the water maintaining ability of the skin is weakened and the skin looks dry and rough. Sodium Hyaluronate has a high moisturizing and water content regulating function and its solution has high viscoelasticity and lubricity. When HA solution is applied on the surface of the skin, it can form an air permeable layer and keep the skin moist and smooth. As a result, it plays a role in wrinkle removal, looks improvement, and health protection. Hylasome- Delivery system for water and a free radical scavenger. It is highly moisturizing, slow delivery of water is safe, and is more effective than HA (hyaluronic acid). It has 5 times the water binding capacity of hyaluronic acid.

A natural anti-irritant, which also helps to soothe the skin. It also helps to counteract the drying effect on the skin. Anti Inflammatory properties are also useful in allantoin as it helps calm the skin.

A blend of 11 fruit acids including papaya, pomegranate, mango, pineapple, and lemon, to name a few; gently but effectively exfoliate skin’s surface to remove dead skin cells, smooth fine lines and reveal a more youthful glow.

Supports collagen, elastin and turgidity (bounce) in the cellular spaces and keeps protein fibers in balance and proportion.

Purportedly rich in antioxidants to help encourage youthful, healthy skin, in addition to its anti-microbial benefits and anti-bacterial properties.

Calms, heals and soothes irritated skin, stimulates cell regeneration while moisturizing even the driest of skin.

This enzyme peel is the GOAT. A true game changer for my skin. I’m 54 and have struggled with acne, large pores and texture my whole adult life. Three weeks in and my skin has transformed, is literally flawless and looks so good I quit wearing foundation. I use this peel twice a week and then use a HF skin scrubber followed by a HA serum and a gel moisturizer. If you’re on the fence, add it to your cart STAT! You can thank me later.
R Martin
I just did a TCA peel. After several days I was told I could use an enzyme peel so I used yours. AWESOME. Gentle AND effective removing dead layers of skin without ‘stripping’ my already ‘stressed’ face. Thank you for making the final days of my TCA peel recovery prettier. Less ‘flakes on the face’ as the dead skin was removed. Thank you.
Deborah Thomas
I am obsessed with the entire line but this peel is amazing. It's quick and easy to use and incredibly effective. It leaves my skin feeling super soft without any redness or irritation. I love it!
Diana A
Love love love this product!! I’ve struggled with dry flakey acne prone skin and this product instantly removes all of the dead skin cells that clog my pores. You can literally see them come off!! But not in a way that irritates your skin. Super smooth hydrated skin afterwards. Highly recommend
I am in looove with this enzyme peel!!! The best I have used thus far! Would highly recommend... don't think I would ever use another brand!
Best home peal ever! Goes on thick, keep rubbing the magic starts. The first time I used it I had rice size globs. I was amazed how my skin looked after washing off residue. Never had a peal this great. Love it. Thank you Radical gals.
Just received this product. It is amazing. I get chemical peels every month and use Love it
I am in love with this product! It makes my pores almost disappear and leave my skin so soft. It starts off as gel then turns to water and as you rub you can feel your dead skin in your fingers. It isn’t harsh on your skin at all! Leaves your skin bright and glowy, I could not be without this mask!
Juli Martinez
I had never heard of this product or brand so bought it on a whim based solely on the reviews here. I was looking for some sort of glycolic peel / treatment to give me fresher looking skin. It’s turned out to be pretty much my skincare peel I’ve ever bought. It’s a bright pink, fairly thick gel that you apply to dry skin and massage in for a few minutes. It smells a bit like melon. The first minute is when it’s quite thick and sticky and it doesn’t spread all that easily. At first, I thought the mask was going to be more effort than it was worth and I should’ve bought one I could slap on and leave. Then, at the minute mark, it totally transformed in texture to something in between water and oil. At this point, it’s lovely to massage it in. After another minute, you’ll notice blobs forming which are supposed to be old dead skin. I figured it was probably just the mask balling up as they didn’t feel like skin. Then comes the miracle - you rinse it off and even as you are washing it off you can feel the skin is utterly transformed underneath. There’s a softness and smoothness that’s genuinely hard to believe - I’ve never had that even after microdermabrasion and salon glycolic peels. On me, it lasts an entire week. The best way of describing it is to think of baby skin. Best of all, it doesn’t tingle or sting me, even though I have sensitive skin and rosacea. It’s really natural and so the lack of chemicals means there aren’t the common irritants. I LOVE this. There’s nothing like it. I’ve just ordered the body version so I’ll review that once I’ve tried it!"
I’ve used up the whole jar of this peel and at first I found it very effective. You can see all the dead skin coming off your face as you massage it in for a couple of minutes. My skin would then look great afterwards and radiant.
I first tried this after a friend had recommended the product and woo. The product itself is like a jelly (smells like jelly too) once applied it warms to the skin and on massaging around the face you can see the daily pollutants and grime gathering with the product. It does lift a little of the dead skin and does leave skin lovely and soft and much brighter but I wouldn't say the product itself caters to someone with really dry skin as it appears it is more the dirt of the day being lifted from the face than the dead skin cells. If you have extremely dry skin you would be better trying a strong alpha beta peel instead.
Lydia Burnett
Bought this on a whim while on vacation as my skin was getting a little desperate, after forgetting to pack my usual chemical exfoliator. I was & continue to be so impressed by this peel -- I've never tried anything that's ever been as effective as this. From impulse purchase to integral part of my weekly skincare!
Nicole F
Love the Enzyme Peel! I couldn't believe a product would literally just peel my dead skin off instantly but OMG it happened. My skin has been smooth and radiant. I highly recommend this product.
Sarah walters
The best peel I have ever used. My skin feels smooth after use. I use once a week. Very impressed with entire line.
Tina M Taylor
This literally is the PERFECT Peel! I get really dry skin during the colder months and my make up always looked flakey...UNTIL NOW! All it takes is a few minutes to truly transform your skin. Thank you Radical for such a ride or die product that makes my skin feel baby smooth and makes my foundation look flawless!!!
If this doesn’t transform your skin, I don’t know what will! Honestly I have to say, this Enzyme Peel makes the BIGGEST difference in how my skin looks and feels. It’s a great price for results you get. And afterwards, skincare products, sunscreens, and make up just “sit” or absorb better on my skin. I get so many complements from friends and family, even guys I don’t know mention that I’m glowing!! This is the skincare secret that everyone needs to know about.
Amber Dengler
The best peel I have ever used. My skin feels smooth after use. I use once a week. Very impressed with entire line.
Tina M Taylor
Love the Enzyme Peel! I couldnt believe a product would literally just peel my dead skin off instantly but OMG it happened. My skin has been smooth and radiant. I highly recommend this product.
Sarah walters


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