Express Delivery Enzyme Body Peel 178mL

After just one application of Express Delivery Enzyme Body Peel, you will see dead skin lift right before your very eyes. Reveal smooth, supple, polished skin in just minutes. This power packed formula contains the superior anti-oxidant Astaxanthin, along with 11 fruit enzymes which include; papaya, pumpkin, pineapple, mango, lemon and antioxidants which deliver maximum exfoliation. Massage this gel in a circular motion to activate, liquefy, and then instantly lift the dead skin. Wash it off and feel your skin transform. Bring your skin back to life and Get Radical!

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Reduces wrinkles. Improves skin’s micro-texture. Retains moisture and helps to reduce chronic itching or irritation. Exfoliates and assists with removing dead skin. Smooths fine lines. Supports Collagen. Rich in antioxidants. Anti-Microbial Benefits. Anti-bacterial properties. Stimulates cell-regeneration.
Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free

Soy Free

Soy Free

GMO Free

GMO Free

Benefits of

  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Improves skin’s micro-texture
  • Retains moisture and helps to reduce chronic itching or irritation
  • Exfoliates and assists with removing dead skin
  • Smooths fine lines
  • Supports Collagen
  • Rich in antioxidants. Anti-Microbial Benefits. Anti-bacterial properties
  • Stimulates cell-regeneration
Step One

On dry skin, apply Enzyme Body Peel over arms, legs, and body, massage in a circular motion.

Step Two

Rinse thoroughly with water or remove in the shower.

Step Three

Use 2-3 times a week or more often as needed.

Trylacel Technology

Behind The

Express Delivery Enzyme Body Peel

Featured Ingredients

A natural fresh-water micro algae sourced from African lakes and Arctic snow fields. Known to be the most powerful antioxidant to fight free radicals and aging skin.

Is the key water maintaining substances in human skin. Bad living environment and aging can cause the decrease of HA content in skin, and as a result the water maintaining ability of the skin is weakened and the skin looks dry and rough. Sodium Hyaluronate has high moisturizing and water content reguating function and its solution has high viscoelasticity and lubricity. When HA solution is applied on the surface of skin, it can form an air permeable layer and keep the skin moist and smooth. As a result, it plays a role of wrinkle removing, look improving and health protecting. Hylasome- Delivery system for water and a free radical scavenger. It is highly moisturizing, slow delivery of water, safe and more effective than HA (hyaluronic acid). Has 5 times the water binding capacity of hyaluronic acid.

Great Product! My skin felt so smooth and soft. I followed up with the Radical Body Cream and am now ready to discard tights and leggings for the summer ahead!
Brilliant Peel, Makes My Skin Feel Softer! This was recommended by one of the staff at my local shop and its amazing. My skin feels softer after using and its very refreshing. Smells great too!
Jessica Phan
Love this product.
Gina Phillips


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