New Year’s Resolutions for Your Skin

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Skin

We’ve had a pretty turbulent year; possibly one of the craziest in history. Quite honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if the aliens from outer space popped in at this point. With the year’s end quickly sneaking up on us, most of us are probably extremely worried about 2021; will it be better? Will it be even worse? Will anything change?

Whatever your perspective on the future may be, there is one thing for certain; now is the perfect time to make some resolutions (that you’ll ACTUALLY stick with) for yourself. You may be thinking of drinking less, quitting smoking, eating better, or exercising more, but are these really realistic for yourself? How about this: “I will take better care of my skin.” BOOM!

new year resolutions for your skin

What is a “Skin Resolution?”

A skin resolution can be any sort of change that will help you take better care of your biggest organ; your skin. This can range from changing up your skincare routine to changing your diet. Before you start making any sort of list or goal, you should know what your biggest skin problems are and what’s causing them. It wouldn’t make sense to take the cleanser out of your skincare routine if you’re breaking out from the moisturizer you’re using. We recommend only trying products out one at a time to see your skin’s reactions; when you add a bunch of new skincare items to your regime it can overwhelm your skin and cause redness, irritation, or breakouts. 


Drink More Water

It’s a well-known fact that drinking more water can help clear up your skin by flushing the toxins out of your body. One of the biggest reasons that we get acne is because of a build-up of toxins in our bodies, usually from what we eat, which get trapped in your insides and then are released through your skin. Drinking water helps this debris get expelled through #1/#2. When we say drink water, we mean WATER! Adding flavor packets to your water will actually make the state of your insides worse as most flavor additions are usually artificially flavored and colored. Drinking a sports drink or even most teas can make the condition of your skin worse, so stay away from drinks with added sugar.

Change Your Sheets More Often

When was the last time you changed your sheets? If you don’t remember, that’s probably causing some of your skin issues. We spend ⅓ of our lives in our beds, so we can only imagine all the stuff that gets built up on your blankets and pillowcase. Changing your pillowcase more often is especially important as some of your skin cells flake off onto the fabric while you sleep and clog your pores after you roll in your own bodily debris for many nights. Additionally, we tend to sweat a bit while sleeping and your pillowcase is what soaks it up. Washing your face is important because you’re removing all the sweat and oil you’ve collected over the night/day. What’s the point of washing your face if you’re just going to go rub your face all over your dirty pillow anyway?

Eat Better

For some dedicated people, eating well will not be a hard task to complete. However, if you’re the kind of person who can’t go without a bag of chips or some soda this is probably not for you. Meat and dairy are one of the biggest causes of acne on your cheeks and jawline as they contain a large number of hormones that affect your hormone regulation. If you notice that you get hormonal acne very frequently, try cutting back on dairy and meat products (especially red meat). For those of us with acne on our foreheads and cheeks, you may be consuming too much sugar. There is added sugar in most food products these days, so whether you’re drinking your favorite fizzy drink or chomping on some candy, chances are that your skin is going to expel these sugar toxins through your skin.

Change up Your Skincare Routine

Changing your skincare routine can be a life-changer. Depending on your symptoms, some of the skincare products that you use can actually harm your skin rather than help it. Many products contain terrible chemicals that can actually be cancer-causing at times. Avoid long words in product ingredient lists (this isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, it really depends on the company you use) and ingredients that you know aren’t good for you. 

Additionally, you can try removing something from your routine to see how your skin reacts. A good thing to try out is a “skincare-flush.” Basically, this is not using ANY products on your skin at all for 2 weeks. All you do is wash your face twice a day and let your bodily fluids (gross, we know) do the rest. 

If you have unnaturally dry skin, there is a good chance that your cleanser is stripping your pores of their moisture. If your skin looks flaky and feels super dry after washing it with your cleanser, you should stop using it and try something new. If you wake up with lots of new pimples every morning, your night-time moisturizer might be to blame. Many night creams are heavier on the skin than day creams are and can therefore clog your pores very easily. When on the lookout for a good moisturizer, you should look for a hydrating, light, non-comedogenic cream that makes your skin feel soft, never sticky.

Take Less/Shorter Showers

Although this sounds a little weird, taking frequent showers (especially with hot water) or long showers actually draws the water out of your skin instead of hydrating your skin barrier because the heat from the shower evaporates the water molecules. If you find yourself with extremely dry skin, try taking fewer showers for shorter durations of time with colder water. Always remember to moisturize your entire body right after getting out of the shower.

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