How Trylacel Technology Can Transform Your Skin

How Trylacel Technology Can Transform Your Skin

Today, skincare shelves are flooded with products claiming to have the latest and greatest ingredients and formulas. It can be difficult to navigate what is real, and what is just clever packaging.

The fact is, it doesn’t matter how many trendy active ingredients a product has . If active ingredients aren’t preserved in the formula, they won’t be able to deliver the results they promise.

The key is to PREVENT the breakdown of actives, so you are getting the full benefit in every application. This is why Trylacel, our proprietary technology, is taking the skincare industry by storm.

Your best defense

Free radical damage is one of the leading causes of advanced aging.

The key to defending your skin against environmental damage is to use skincare products that contain antioxidants. Make sure to look for multiple antioxidants in every formula for maximum benefits, because one is simply not enough. To find the most effective antioxidants, look to nature. Check ingredient lists for dark night shade fruits such as grape seed, resveratrol, and acai, as these are the most poweful.

The problem with your skincare

In most products, antioxidants are combined with reparative ingredients. The problem with this is that it causes antioxidants to break down and lose their power. When this happens, the antioxidants in your skincare are rendered ineffective. As a result, your skin will be unprotected against harmful free radical damage.

Trylacel and the RADICAL difference

Radical Skincare is formulated with Trylacel, a breakthrough suspension technology that encapsulates maximum levels of powerful antioxidants with clinically proven reparative and soothing agents in a bi-lipid membrane. As a result, the antioxidant potency and performance in the cream is preserved to deliver maximum benefits and results quickly.

Experience the difference Trylacel Technology can make in your skin, shop our collection of antioxidant-packed skincare here.

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