5 Ways to Find Your Radical Purpose

5 Ways to Find Your Radical Purpose

Once we reach adulthood, we sometimes find ourselves wandering through life aimlessly. We may long to find our radical purpose or passion but not have the tools we need to recognize and act upon it. Here are 5 ways to find your radical purpose and start living a more meaningful life.

Take note of things you love doing

Is there something you absolutely love doing? Maybe it’s something creative, or simple acts of service. If it comes naturally to you and brings you fulfillment, consider making it a cornerstone of your daily life.

Acknowledge things you love about yourself

Self-love is the key to living your best and most fulfilling life. If you can recognize things about yourself that you love, you can make an effort to spread your gift to others.

Don’t ignore your inner voice

We all spend our days living with the little voices in our heads. They can bring both stress and guidance, but if you have a nagging voice telling you to take a different path, DON’T ignore it. Take it as a sign for you to forge a new path that will lead you to your radical purpose.

Set goals

Once you have made a point to recognize what brings you joy, set concrete goals that will force you to be accountable for your own happiness. By making competitive (but reasonable) goals for yourself, you can take small, meaningful steps on your path to success.

Manifest what you really want

When you can clearly visualize what you want your life to look like, you are already on your way to making it a reality. Excess noise and negative thoughts will only set you back and poison your drive to find your radical purpose. Focus on affirmations, write out your goals and your vision will soon become your reality.

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