5 Morning Rituals to Help You Start Your Day

5 Morning Rituals to Help You Start Your Day

If you feel like you could use a little morning motivation, you’re not alone. Our mornings lay the foundation for our day, so if you’re feeling rushed and exhausted, your day will likely follow suit. Here are 5 morning rituals to help you start your day.

Be Grateful

If you’re waking up to another day, it’s a good day. Instead of focusing on stress, focus on things in your life that bring you joy and take a moment to feel grateful. This simple thought process will help you stay positive and mindful throughout your day.


Keep a journal next to your bed and take a moment to jot down your intentions for the day. This will help you focus in on essential tasks, and keep your day organized


Carve out time every morning for a simple self-care ritual. Whether it’s simply washing your face, or a multi-step skincare routine, by taking a few minutes to pamper yourself you will radiate from the inside, out.


Wake up slightly earlier than normal, so you can take 5-10 quiet moments to meditate. Simply sit (or lay) in a quiet space, free of distractions and clear your mind of unnecessary noise. Manifest your intentions for the day, and start off with a moment of clarity.

Drink Hot Water With Lemon

A hot cup of water with a slice of fresh lemon is an excellent way to hit the reset button on the inside. It can flush toxins, maintain pH balance and reduce joint pain and inflammation. Sub out your morning coffee for this magic elixir and see how good you feel!

What did you think of these 5 morning rituals to help you start your day? Which one will you put into practice tomorrow?

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