Exfoliation Pads; Winter Skin’s Worst Nightmare

Exfoliation Pads; Winter Skin’s Worst Nightmare

As we all know, winter is usually the worst season for the skin. As drier climates come upon us, it’s important that you have the most-effective tricks to prevent/reduce dry, winter skin known to man; exfoliating pads.

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What are Exfoliating Pads?

Exfoliating pads are one of the top skincare products of 2020 for one reason; chemical exfoliation. Exfoliating pads are typically cotton round type shapes pre-soaked with a bunch of active ingredients like AHA’s (alpha-hydroxy acids) and BHA’s (beta-hydroxy acids). The pads are already wet and ready to use after cleansing. Mechanical exfoliation is usually harsh, rough, and unhealthy on the skin, which is why we believe chemical exfoliation is the best anti-aging tip of 2020. This kind of exfoliation gently removes dead skin cells without any sudden motions that harm the skin more than help it and is frequently used to brighten the skin and give a youthful, bright complexion to anybody regardless of skin type. The Age-Defying Exfoliating pads are gentle enough to be used even around the delicate eye area, so you can fight signs of aging around the eyes without risk of irritation.

Additionally, exfoliating pads remove surface-layer makeup that maybe your makeup remover and cleanser didn’t by reaching deep into your pores to get out all that build-up and grime. Exfoliation in this form can prevent and reduce breakouts as well due to its magnificent antibacterial properties that kill off the bad stuff. By removing any built-up gunk that is deep in the pores, they appear smaller and more refined which gives the skin a flawless, airbrushed look that is the perfect canvas for makeup.

Why is Exfoliation During the Winter Months Important?

As stated before, our skin gets a little dried out during the winter, resulting in more peeling and dead skin. Exfoliation is important because it removes the external layer of the skin that contains the dry stuff and reveals fresh, baby butt smooth skin. Mechanical exfoliation, like scrubs, definitely work but may cause micro-tears in your face that cause wrinkles and fine lines depending on the scrub you use. Chemical exfoliation is gentle and won’t harm your skin unless you over-do it; it’s important to not over-do exfoliation as it can damage the natural barrier of your facial skin and cause redness, irritation, or even breakouts. It’s also extremely important to make sure you follow any exfoliation with an ingredient-rich serum and a super-hydrating moisturizer to protect your new skin from the elements.

Exfoliation also helps replenish the skin by bringing in moisture; after exfoliating, your pores are much clearer than before and are ready to soak up an anti-aging serum or moisturizer with greater capacity than pre-exfoliated skin. When you remove the dead surface skin, you allow your healthy skin cells to regenerate without obstruction. Cellular regeneration is important because it is what keeps our skin firm, bouncy and youthful.

So, How do I Use My Exfoliation Pads?

Every product is different, but our Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads are straight-forward and simple. In the evening, after taking off any makeup, cleanse with our Hydrating Cleanser; this cleanser is PERFECT for the winter months as it’s hydrating, not stripping. Then, take a pre-moistened exfoliation pad and gently run it all over your face and neck, paying special attention to any dry patches you may have; be careful not to ‘scrub’ or push too hard; exfoliation should be a gentle process. The most amazing thing about our Exfoliating Pads is each pad is pre-moistened with the exact amount of product you need so you know you’re getting the perfect dose of active ingredients every time. Each pad contains AHA/BHA to gently slough away any dull, dry skin without any harsh abrasives. Then, follow up with a serum and allow it to seep into your pores; top off with your favorite winter moisturizer, and you’re ready to face the bitter wind! For best results, we recommend using our Youth Infusion Serum and Extreme Repair for ultimate nourishment.

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