Ingredient Spotlight Series ~ Non-Chemical Sunscreen

Ingredient Spotlight Series ~ Non-Chemical Sunscreen

What you need to know about Non-Chemical Sunscreen…

Welcome to the Radical Skincare Ingredient Spotlight Series!

As the autumn months are upon us, and the cloud cover thickens, many believe that sun protection is no longer needed in their daily skincare regimen.

This is far from the truth as most sun damage occurs as a collective build up over time as opposed to one sunburn that happened at the beach.

Many of you have asked us, “What sunscreen is the best for daily wear?”

There are two options when purchasing sunscreen; you can choose “Chemical” or “Non-Chemical” (also referred to as “Physical” sunscreen).

Between the two, a Non-Chemical, such as our Skin Perfecting Sun Screen SPF30 is your best bet for daily use.

It acts as a slightly tinted mattifying primer for make-up application that will keep your skin glowing without a greasy sheen.


Why choose a Non-Chemical sunscreen?

Chemical sunscreens can increase the chance of redness to sensitive skin types because it changes the UV rays into heat which can exacerbate the skin and have been known to potentially be hazardous when absorbed into the skin.

Unlike chemical-based sun products, physical sunscreens contain active minerals (titanium dioxide or zinc oxide which sit on top of the skin acting as a protective shield against UVA and UVB rays.

For those in an early morning time crunch, non-chemical sunscreens protect instantly upon sun exposure whereas chemical sunscreens need an average of 15 minutes to create a protective shield.

“The benefits of mineral ingredients are endless!”

“For those concerned of the long-term health risks of chemical sunscreens, this is your best bet at truly taking care of your skin!”



Sisters Liz & Rachel Edlich

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