Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson

As Director of Marketing at Orange County United Way in Southern California, Lisa Jackson helps people improve their lives – daily. Working for United Way, Lisa assists in providing the tools people need to build self-sufficiency and get them back up on their feet in these hard economic times.

Lisa Jackson, “My name is Lisa Jackson, I’m Director of Marketing at Orange County United Way.”

“I understand what it’s like to be in a place of need. I got laid off from a job and it was my second time being unemployed in three years.”

“A my former jobs being in radio and magazines I thought about what it is that your are representing.”

“And I didn’t like the answer.”

She Chose A Life Of Service

Lisa, “There’s so much more to life and being able to show people that there is need in Orange County.”

“A place where most people think there is no need.”

“You see Orange County depicted as glitz, glamorous and nouveau riche.”

“It’s all that.”

“But there is another side, there’s a side where people are lacking access to education, income, and healthcare.”

“When one person is lacking your whole community suffers.”

“Society is interconnected, we all rely on one another.”

“Yes it’s about providing those services, but I think it’s also about showing love to people and that they really truly mean something.”

“When you give people that then they can overcome so many things.”

“That is some of the work that we are lucky to do.”

“Who I am now is more grounded in reality, a lot more appreciate of what I have.”

“Believe me though, I’m still a work in progress.”

“I’m leading a Radical life in training.”

“Be radical.”

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