Dyan Cannon

Dyan Cannon

Dyan has received Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations and continues to push the boundaries of her “radical” life.

Liz Edlich, “Welcome to Radical Living I am so happy to have my friend Dyan Cannon here today.”

“She is someone who has inspired me and so many other people in the world.”

“Dyan really has gone above and beyond in so many different areas to make a Radical difference in the world.”

Dyan Cannon, “I saw so many homeless kids on the street that it just bothered my spirits.”

“I couldn’t stand to see this kids alone, unloved and without hope.

“I’d go out on the street and talk to them about their lives.”

Radical Dedication

Dyan, “I’d go out in the street and talk to them about their lives and how we can make it better.”

“I tried to give them principles that would help their lives.”

Radical Mentoring

Dyan, “I’d tried to feed them and clothe them.”

“Every Christmas EveI ‘d pack my car with goodies and say, ‘What do you need? A sweater? A bag or something?'”

“More important than giving them food and clothing is giving them hope.”

“I’ve started a new thing called get your love on and I teach them what to do with love.”

Radical Love

Dyan, “You help people because you love them.”

“You see someone in trouble and because you love them you help them.”

“To me it’s not a big deal.

“I didn’t set out to do some good thing.

“I just… I just love these kids.”

Radical Love

Dyan, “Stardom was fun, money was fun then I learned how to “unself” and that was when I truly started to understand what Radical really means and what happiness really means.

“It means caring, it means not giving up.”

“Taking a rubber band and stretching it as far as you can.”

“Don’t do it half assed, whatever you’re doing don’t do it half way.”

“Whatever you doing go for it, go for it all the way.”

“Be true to that little voice inside you and happiness will not evade you.”

“Be Radical.”

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