Lisa Lovatt-Smith

Lisa Lovatt-Smith

Lisa Lovatt-Smith was only 18 when she began a career at Vogue magazine. Lisa published five books on interiors, including London Living. She also published two books on fashion photography. In 2002, after a trip to Ghana, her life took a dramatic turn. Lisa was so moved by the experience of living with the orphans that decided to help in a more sustained and substantial way, leaving her glamorous lifestyle, and moving permanently to Africa where she founded OrphanAid Africa.

“I looked at the resources I had and thought I could change these children’s lives. So I stayed and I changed it!”

Lisa Lovatt-Smith

Lisa Lovatt-Smith, “”What I realized was that I could actually make a difference.” “I don’t think anything is set in stone in this life.”

Accomplished Author

Lisa Lovatt-Smith, “So I think it’s really great to keep going back to square one.”

Agent For Change

Lisa Lovatt-Smith, “Let’s put 30 damaged children in a small house behind a locked door with another 30 damaged children.”

“And what are we expecting? Good outcomes?”

After Being Moved By A Trip To Ghana
Lisa Founded OrphanAid Africa

Lisa Lovatt-Smith

Lisa Lovatt-Smith, “Orphanages are really not a way to bring up children. Children need permanent families with love and affection for life.”

“Orphanages are really not a way to bring up children. Children need permanent families with love and affection for life.”

“They need a link they need a love relationship. Orphanages never provide that.”

Lisa Lovatt-Smith, “Because I saw such a terrible orphanage were things were going so badly wrong.”

“There was child trafficking, sex trade, and child labor.”

“I had to fix this problem. It was the strangest sense of duty.”

“I think I stayed in Ghana because I saw that with the resources I had, I could change these children’s lives.”

“So I stayed and I changed it!”

“We’ve really impacted thousands and thousands of lives.”

“It is about being radical. That’s a really important thing. “

“You have to dance to your own music you can’t follow the beaten path.”

“I think that courage is definitely a part of that. Seeing all the possibilities and being a part of the solution.”

“There’s never gonna be this line that says ‘finish’, because you don’t know when that’s gonna be.”

“So you can’t focus on the finish.”

“The most important thing is to enjoy the journey.”

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