Simple Ways to Have a Stress- Free Holiday

Simple Ways to Have a Stress- Free Holiday

It’s the time of year when pre-Holiday burnout hits and the seasonal joy we look forward to is replaced by stress and exhaustion. You’re not alone if you feel like it’s becoming harder and harder to take a step back from everyday stress and fully immerse yourself in all the good things about this time of year. Here are some simple ways to have a stress-free holiday.

Be gracious

Start every day with gratitude, even if what your thankful for is as simple as you being able to wake up and see another day. Studies have shown that taking the time to express gratitude can strengthen relationships and boost happiness, which can be the key to a stress-free holiday season. Take the time to write down 5 things you’re grateful for every morning when you wake up. Manifesting your gratitude will keep your blessings at the top of your mind throughout the day.

Put the phone down and reduce stress

We live in a society that is always “online”. Sometimes we need to disconnect and be present in order to keep our focus on what’s important. Take the time to immerse yourself in every experience and acknowledge how you feel in the moment. Don’t worry, your e-mails and messages will be there waiting for you when you return! You’ll feel incredibly fulfilled.


If you’re fortunate enough to have some time off for the holidays, take advantage and REST. Sleep in, go to bed early, lay in bed until noon. Whatever it is that gives you meaningful relaxation – do it! It’s good for your mind , body, and even your skin! You’ll feel reinvigorated and ready to take on whatever the day brings.

Are you feeling burned out at this time of year? What ways can you help yourself have a stress-free holiday?

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