Why You Need a Primer

Why You Need a Primer

You definitely need to use THIS as a makeup primer!

There is nothing worse than spending hours on your makeup getting ready for a night out only to notice you’ve smudged your eye shadow 15 minutes into a party! If you want makeup that is going to last, you definitely need to use a primer.

What is a makeup primer?

Primer is used to create a layer between the makeup you are applying and your skin. It allows for makeup to last longer throughout the day, as well as smooth the skin’s surface and even out skin tone.

The most important part of any structure is its base, the same is true when it comes to makeup!

What should I use for a primer?

While there are many different types of primers out there, we recommend using one that contains SPF! 

But my foundation says it has SPF in it, is fair game?


New York City-based dermatologist Bruce Katz of Juva Skin recommends that you “don’t rely on makeup for the best source of SPF as it’s notoriously unreliable in terms of the level of protection.” 

Plus, makeup is not normally applied perfectly even, which can affect potency of sun protection.

So what should I use if I can’t trust my own makeup?

The solution is simpler than you thought!

Using sunscreen as a makeup primer!

Wearing sunscreen under your foundation has so many benefits! While it protects your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, our Skin Perfecting Screen also acts as a perfect base for makeup.

Dr. Katz also says that you wear at least “SPF 30” every day, regardless of whether you are wearing makeup.

Good thing Radical has the perfect solution…

Skin Perfecting Screen SPF 30

Radical’s very own skin perfecting screen is the perfect base for both your general skincare and makeup routines! It is formulated with a mineral base and only contains ingredients generally recognized as safe by the FDA!

Protect, perfect and prime – the 3-in-1 Skin Perfecting Screen uses non-chemical filters to protect against UVA/UVB rays  and priming elements to provide a strong base for long-lasting makeup application. The ultimate multitasking product for women who want perfection in sun protection.

Stop struggling with your makeup application and try this organic base instead!

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