Laura Makowski

Laura Makowski

“We are the expert for our own situation and the solution is in ourselves.”

Laura Makowski

“My name is Laura I’m 25 years old I studied psychology in Germany.”

“I want to empower people to see more of the beauty sides of themselves. So they can find whatever they want to do in life.

“We are the expert for our own situation and the solution is in ourselves.”

Laura moved from Germany for a position with Radical and moved in with Liz and Rachel’s mom Carol. Eventually becoming her room mate at a senior assisted living community

“When I arrived I saw Carol strive to have a structure in her life so she doesn’t stress out because she forgets a lot.”

Carol has Alzheimers

Laura, “In the morning Carol would take an hour and a half to write down all the medication that she took. To make sure that she didn’t forget something and it was very hard to watch because I couldn’t interrupt this process.”

“She was a prisoner of her own disease, but Carol was still that independent women and she knew what she wants.”

“Carol didn’t need a caregiver, she needed friends who understands her situation but doesn’t make her feel helpless or not independent.”

“Our friendship is so special because the people think that I’m helping out Carol, but she helps me.”

“We empower each other every day. She taught me that I’m good enough. She’d already had the life experience so you have the chance to get the essence.”

Radical At Any Age

Carol played Maria in “Westside Story” on Broadway

Carol and Laura singing, “Did you ever know that you’re my hero and everything I would like to be with you all I can try, you are the wind beneath my wings.”

Laura, “I made a radical in difference in Carol’s life and I’m still doing it.”

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