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Radical Rejuvafirm™ Facial Oil 30mL

Our powerful Anti-aging facial oil  harnesses the power of CBD superfood blend including Juvenessence(Arctic Winged Kelp), Seabuckthorn Oil, Argan oil, Brassica Campestris (Rapeseed) Seed Oil & Linum Usitatissimum (Linseed) Seed Oil, Vitamin C  to help detoxifies the skin, reduces inflammation, addresses sun damage and reverses signs of aging. This oil base, non-psychoactive solution is great for acne prone skin, problematic skin, and all skin types looking for a youthful boost to the skin. After one month, individuals using Arctic Winged Kelp ingredient, they saw an increase of elasticity by +20%, increase of firmness by +25%, decrease in wrinkle depth by 80%.

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Delivers hydration, Detoxifies skin. Addresses sun damage, Reverses signs of aging, Increases skin firmness and elasticity, Calms irritated skin, Reduces inflammation and redness, Soothes skin.
Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free

Soy Free

Soy Free

GMO Free

GMO Free

Benefits of

  • Delivers hydration
  • Detoxifies skin
  • Addresses sun damage
  • Reverses signs of aging
  • Increases skin firmness and elasticity
  • Calms irritated skin
  • Reduces inflammation and redness
  • Soothes skin
Step One

Radical Rejuvafirm™ CBD Facial Oil is for the face, neck, and décolleté.

Step Two

Use a small drop after cleansing and massage over entire face.

Step Three

Lastly, use day and night and follow with a Serum and a Moisturizer of your choice.

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Behind The

rejuvafirm cbd facial oil

Featured Ingredients

Has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, is cell-regenerative, and anti-cell proliferative and the key to addressing sun damage.
Our ingenious technique grasps the nutrient rich seedling of the hemp plant at its peak stage of nourishment and infuses it into our Trylacel technology for maximum potency. Rich in moisturizing fatty acids (Omegas 3 and 6) that protect and repair the skin, CBD oil also contains bioactive phytochemicals including antioxidants, Vitamin E, Carotene, Phytosterols, chlorophyll, and vital minerals which act as a nutrient rich “superfood” blend for the skin.

Is strategically sourced from the Arctic winged kelp Alaria esculenta found deep within the waters of Europe and Canada. Due to its ability to live and flourish in extreme climate conditions, its beneficial properties for skin are numerous: Anti-aging; Detoxifying; Antipollution; Photo aging protection; downregulates Progerin (the age accelerating protein)production in ageing cells; Preserves the skin tissues from accelerated ageing; Reactivates the metabolism of aging cells by stimulating cell detoxification and boosts mitochondrial and ribosomal activity leading to significant increases in skin firmness and elasticity by preserving tissue integrity against compression. After one month, people saw an increase of elasticity by +20%, increase of firmness by +25%, decrease in wrinkle depth by 80%.

It is a super fruit delivering nourishment for the skin and containing a wide variety and a large amount of nutrients, including; Rare Omega -7, Omega-3 – Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA), Omega 6 – Linoleic Acid (LA), Omega 9 (Oleic Acid), Vitamin E, Alpha-Tocopherol, and Beta-Carotene.

Is another special nourishing blend for the skin with a very high content of omega-3 fatty acids and perfect balance of omega-6 fatty acids.

Is well documented for its moisturizing and skin nourishing abilities including its’ naturally occurring Vitamin E and antioxidant content. The oil is also rich in Oleic (C18:1) and Linoleic (C18:2) essential fatty acids.

Is useful because the oil contains vitamins C, E, and D, alongside beta carotene from vitamin A plus palmitic and stearic acids, which occur in skin naturally and decrease with age.

A stable form of Vitamin C which is shown to regenerate other antioxidants including Vitamin E and limits the damaging effects of free radicals.

I love all of the Radical products, but this is my absolute favorite! I use it morning and evening. It keeps my skin hydrated and glowing.
Julie Koos
This oil is amazing! Non greasy, and good for any type of skin, even acne prone! Soaks right into my skin. I have skin damage from the sun around my chin. This has helped by keeping it moist, not patchy dry like it used to be.
I just cannot praise this product enough! I love how it makes my skin feel, soft and glowing, helping with my dry and aging skin. I usually shy away from oils, but this does everything it is supposed to. You must add this to your routine!
Shelley Butler
My skin is on the dryer side and I absolutely love this oil. It makes my skin really soft and glowy without looking greasy. I highly recommend this oil. I've tried many brands before and this is by far my favorite.
Diana B
This oil is truly special. It is nice and light, not greasy feeling. It gives my skin the extra moisture it needs. I like to use it when I do lymphatic massage on my face or when I use a beauty tool, as it glide easily over my skin. My favorite time to use the oil is right before bed. It smells wonderful.
Rhonda Conry
I have very acne prone skin in which my face is usually inflamed but after using this product for just a week, the redness in my face and the inflammation caused by my acne was drastically reduced. Highly recommend this product
Clover D
This stuff has taken years off my skin. I regularly have people comment that they can’t believe I’m 57 years old! I used to be afraid to put oil on my face because I was scared of breakouts. This makes my skin feel so soft, not so tight and dry - and no breakouts! 😁
I highly recommend it!
This is a truly AMAZING product! I am a 49 year old man and have been looking for something easy to use that will get me the best results.. This is it. I put a little on and my face right after I shave everyday and WOW my skin looks and feels great. I love it and I will make sure that I never run out. This product and the results are great,
Raymond R
I bought this a few weeks ago and was so impressed by how quickly the facial oil absorbed into my skin and how soft it made it feel. My skin positively glowed and was felt youthful and radiant. it made my skin look and feel younger and I received many positive comments asking what I had used.
Kianna Strickland
A friend recommended this product to me & I'm so glad she did. I've been using it morning & night. You only need a couple of drops! It's gorgeous & leaves your skin feeling lovely & smooth. Highly recommended! In the daytime I follow with Restorative Moisture & that seems to work great!
Kimberley McCoy
Im in my 30s and have terrible acne, and have literally tried everything on my skin, but it is so sensitive and reacts so easily or I break out. I have been using this oil for 4 days after cleansing at night, and already the redness in my face has started calming and my acne has reduced a little!! It feels nice and smells nice, and a small amount goes a long way. I highly recommend!
Chrissy Bowman
With an array of facial oils on the market, I new there must be one that didn't irritate my skin as I have very sensitive skin and most products I use make my face turn bright red. When I heard the hype over Radical Skincare's new Rejuvafirm Oil I couldn't wait to try it! Soooo happy I did, not only is the oil soothing and non-irritating, it also helps dramatically with the texture improvement of my skin. A HUGE plus is that the oil is extremely light weight on the skin which makes it easy to use during the day (under make up) and at night (without feeling greasy). I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for that one-stop-shop beauty elixir that's bound to be a staple item in your skincare routine for years to come!
Tawny Minnow
I have used Radical products for years because they do what they promise, and my skin has improved significantly since I began a Radical regime. The new Rejuvafirm Beauty Oil with CBD seems to be another excellent product. On a clean face, I applied a few drops of oil, and gently massaged it into my face. Skin felt soothed, and it had a calming effect. Spouse commented on how smooth my skin looked, and stated he could see no wrinkles whatsoever (I have a few). Thank you for another awesome product!
Pam White


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