The Ultimate Guide to Skin Prep

The Ultimate Guide to Skin Prep

There is no good makeup without good skin. We’ve created the ultimate guide to skin prep so you can ensure the most flawless makeup application, that lasts. 

Cleanse + Tone

Start with a clean canvas. Suds up with a rich, creamy to remove any dirt, oil or impurities lingering on the skin. Our Hydrating Cleanser also restores pH balance to tone the skin in one step. 


Dull, flaky skin causes makeup application to be patchy and uneven, so make sure to use a facial peel to exfoliate the skin and leave a soft, even surface. The Express Delivery Enzyme Facial Peel works quickly, melting skin away instantly and leaving skin soft and radiant. 

Get Glowing

AHAs and BHAs smooth the skin,shrink the appearance of pores and leave skin glowing. Use our Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads to even skin’s tone and texture in one simple step. 


Serums contain the highest concentrations of skin-loving results fast, and can brighten, smooth and refine the complexion quickly. For an efficient application, try a “smoothie” by pumping your favorite serums into your palm and applying all at once. Just massage into the skin and pat with your fingertips until fully absorbed. Our current favorite is 1 pump each of the Advanced Peptide Antioxidant Serum and Multi Brightening Serum for flawless, radiant skin. 


A lightweight moisturizer is essential to locking in the actives in your serums, while also leaving you with a smooth, silky canvas to apply makeup to. Our Anti-Aging Restorative Moisture is the perfect lightweight moisturizer for ultimate skin nourishment without a greasy after-feel. 


Last, but never least, don’t forget to apply a physical SPF 30 to your skin to prevent sun damage and photo aging. Our Skin Perfecting Screen protects the skin with a physical SPF 30 without any white-cast. High powered naturals blur imperfections for the ultimate for both priming and protecting. 

Do you find it cathartic to prep your skin for makeup? 

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